Carmen Abelson

Chicago native Carmen Abelson is a third-year member of the Civic Orchestra and a second-year violin Fellow. She holds degrees from Rice University, Sam Houston State University, and DePaul University, where she studied with Kenneth Goldsmith, Javier Pinell, and Janet Sung. Abelson began playing the violin as a grade-schooler in the Chicago Public Schools, and participated in school ensembles and Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras before leaving Chicago to study violin performance and musicology at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. She enjoys playing music from all genres – from Baroque, modern, to pop. Abelson believes strongly in the power of music to inspire and delight, and hopes to make a career performing and teaching in the Chicago-land area.

Carmen Abelson’s Civic Fellowships is sponsored by Dr. Marylou Witz.

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