Evan Hillis

Evan Hillis.jpg

Evan Hillis is a double bassist originally from the San Francisco bay area. Having grown up playing all different kinds of music, Evan played many different instruments before settling on the double bass, which he started during his junior year of high school. Starting out as a jazz musician, Evan discovered his affinity for classical music and the orchestra during his freshman year of college and switched his area of focus his second year. Since then, he has received a Bachelor’s in Music from the DePaul School of Music Summa Cum Laude, attended the Aspen Music Festival, won a spot on the Chicago Symphony substitute bass list, and will be joining the Civic Orchestra of Chicago as a Fellow for the coming 2016-2017 season.

Evan’s primary teachers were Robert Kassinger, Jason Heath, and Scott Pingel, which additional studies with Alexander Hanna, Michael Hovnanian, Albert Laszlo, Bruce Bransby, and Glenn Richman.

Outside of music, Evan enjoys the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and cooking. He attributes his success to hard work and support from his family.


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