Mocrep Presents Diels, Lyle, & Younge

Mocrep presents Diels, Lyle, & Younge

At the Musical Offering in Evanston

Saturday, May 23rd at 7:30PM


Bethany Younge: Her I Is She This (2015) for recorder, bass, and 2 percussionists

Jenna Lyle: Stitch (2013, 2015) for flute and percussion with fabric installation

Natacha Diels: Second Nightmare, for Kiku (2013) for violin and 2 assistants


What is Mocrep?

Mocrep is a Chicago-based ensemble dedicated to the performance of radical, 21st century music that engages with contemporary culture – aesthetically, socially, and politically. Mocrep specializes in works that not only synthesize music, theater, and performance art, but embrace the difference between these mediums. In this way, Mocrep hopes to expose and explore new possibilities in performance today.

Citizen Musician Fellow, Zachary Good, is co-founder, co-director, and clarinetist of Mocrep. Formed in 2013, Mocrep has become an active participant in the Chicago music community. Highlights of the ensemble’s work include collaborations with Steven Takasugi, Jennifer Walshe, Katherine Young, Joan Arnau Pàmies, and Martin Schüttler. Additionally, Mocrep has given U.S. premieres of works by Johannes Kreidler, Malin Bång, Martin Schüttler, Ludwig Abraham, Jennifer Walshe, Peter Ablinger, and Matthias Kranebitter.

The name Mocrep is a made up word derived from two real words: composition (“com”=”moc”) and performance (“per”=”rep”).

What is this event?

This event is a concert presented by Mocrep, supported and led by Zachary Good as part of his independent project for the Citizen Musician Fellowship. The concert features music by 3 young female composers – Natacha Diels, Jenna Lyle, and Bethany Younge (the latter two are Chicago-based). One of the pieces on this concert will be the world premiere and Mocrep/Zachary Good commission of Bethany Younge’s Her I Is She This (2015) for solo recorder and ensemble. In addition to Zachary performing on this concert, Civic violinist, Amanda Bailey, will also be performing. The other musicians are regular members of Mocrep and not affiliated with Civic.

Note from Zachary about his individual project:

I wanted to intersect two major areas of my professional/creative life for my CMF individual project – my work with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago/the Citizen Musician Fellowship and my work with the new-music group, Mocrep. For the most part, these areas of my life remain separate from one another. I have my Civic friends/colleagues and I have my Mocrep friends/colleagues – rarely do they overlap.

I wanted to use the knowledge and experience gained through the fellowship, as well as take advantage of the incredible resources available to the fellows at the CSO, to further enrich and organize Mocrep and particularly the May 23rd concert. Efforts have included commissioning Chicago-based composer Bethany Younge to write a piece for this concert, promoting the May 23rd concert as much as possible via awesome posters (designed by Shawn Lucas), FB, Twitter, stickers (designed by Chris Wood), and personal messages, and taking the lead on permanent projects to enhance our image and to refine our mission, including a website (designed by Chris Wood and launched on May 17th: and a logo (by Sarah Sherman, which turned out to be an incredible piece of art).

Most of my work included overseeing/managing the May 23rd concert, delegating tasks to my Mocrep co-workers, asking a lot of people for help – including many talented friends to do things like design posters/stickers, make video promos, build websites, etc., and sending a bunch of emails.

The commission:

It kind of happened by accident. Some day in February, I was recklessly practicing the baroque recorder in my apartment when Bethany Younge, an old friend from my undergraduate, stopped by. She studied music composition at Oberlin and I had premiered some of her work there. She said something like, “I didn’t know you played recorder.” I said something like, “Oh yeah, you should write me a piece.” Later, Bethany sent me this message: “Dear Zachary, I really would like to write for recorder + other instruments. Any chance I could write for you and other musicians in mocrep? thoughts? ideas?” She agreed to have it done by the May 23rd concert and we have had numerous conferences to discuss and workshop the piece. It was completed in early May and Mocrep has been shredding it ever since.

The piece is called Her I Is She This and is for solo recorder, double bass, and 2 percussionists. The score creatively and effectively combines traditional and graphic/spatial notations.

2015-05-21 23.34.03

Hear this piece and more on Saturday (May 23rd), 7:30PM at the Musical Offering in Evanston. Get tickets HERE or at the door. $15 General Admission. $10 Students. $0 Musical Offering Students. Hope to see you there!

Zachary Good